Company Profile

         CHEMISKY CO. ,LTD., its general manager, Mr. Clive Yu, born in January 1978, a Communist Party member, graduated from Hunan Foreign Trade Institute in 1998 and after then was distributed to the International Trade Exhibition Company (Regiment level, and state-run unit ) attached to Foreign Economic and Trade Commission (now the Provincial Department of Commerce) , engaging in international trade business.  In 2006,  Mr. Clive Yu established "Chemisky Co.,Ltd.", from then to now,  "Chemisky Co.,Ltd." have been specializing in chemical products such as zinc sulphate, manganese sulphate, ferrous sulphate, magnesium sulphate, copper sulphate, ammonium sulphate, ammonium chloride, sodium metabisulphite, sodium bicarbonate,barium carbonate, and etc., which have very excellent performance. In 2013, Mr. Clive Yu integrated all aspects of advantage resources for investing and establishing new factory of Agrisky Co., Ltd. based on Chemisky Co.,Ltd.(industry and trade combination), which has been producing  agricultural and sideline products such as tea seed meal with straw, tea seed meal without straw, tea seed powder, tea meal pellet, tea saponin,tea seed oil,etc.,,
        In 2013, our company team responded actively to the appeal “public entrepreneurship, innovation”. After having full negotiation and communication with government of Yunxi District of Yueyang city in Hunan Province, our company invested in the factory of “Comprehensive Utilization and Recycling production of Tea Seed Cake” by combining with a number of industry experts. The project is the first export-oriented and deep-processing project for agricultural and sideline products introduced by the Yunxi district government. The project covers an area of 30 acres with a total investment of 61 million yuan. In 2013, AGRISKY CO., LTD., in Yunxi District was registered and combined with Chemisky Co. Ltd. to form manufacturing and trading and complementary enterprise group.

The companys model and philosophy for innovation and entrepreneurship development

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